HPE GreenLake

Are you looking to speed up your procurement process? 


Are you looking for a way to move from capital expenses towards a variable expense solution? 


Do you have a limited IT budget, meaning that upfront investment in the infrastructure you need is difficult?


Do you wish you could align the cost of your infrastructure with actual usage? 


Do you find it challenging predicting future capacity requirements, or understand how you want your infrastructure to look in the future but know you’re not quite ready for that yet? 


If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may be well placed to benefit from HPE GreenLake, a revolutionary new consumption-based IT model that represents a paradigm shift in the delivery of business IT solutions.


And, as an HPE silver partner and one of the few companies in the UK accredited to deliver GreenLake, Checkmark IT can help you find the ideal solution for the specific needs of your organisation, and implement it in a way that maximises the available benefits. 


We have extensive experience of working with IT departments across many different sectors, including multi-billion-pound enterprises, and we will leverage this to help you scope, design and implement a system that delivers measurable results.


For more information on how Checkmark IT can help you take full advantage of HPE GreenLake, call us on (+44) 161 302 3900. You can also leave us a message through our online contact form, and our consultants will be in touch.

What is HPE GreenLake?

In a world where pay-as-you-go models have become the norm across many walks of life, HPE GreenLake gives businesses the opportunity to shift towards a cloud-like, outcome-based consumption, allowing them to pay only for the solutions they require, while radically simplifying their IT setup and freeing up precious resources.


This is achieved while also providing best of both public cloud and on-premises IT, unlocking new levels of flexibility without any need for compromise.


Instead of allocating a significant capital outlay for a fixed IT purchase with extended procurement, design and build cycles, HPE GreenLake instead uses a single pay-per-usage metric calculated according to your business’s actual needs.

Key features include:

  • the choice of a wide range of different IT suites and solutions - including hybrid cloud platforms and storage offerings based on SimpliVity and 3PAR technology - all delivered and paid for according to consumption
  • payments based on the HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity model, offering a single contract and monthly invoice, with no upfront payment and enterprise-grade support services
  • a library of reference architectures incorporating the latest hardware and software technologies, built to your specific needs
  • access to HPE advisory and professional services expertise to help you define, deploy and integrate your solution and continually optimise systems and processes
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and management, allowing you to out-task routine data centre work to HPE for additional flexibility

Why choose HPE GreenLake?

HPE GreenLake is typically well suited to medium-sized business and above - in particular those with aggressive growth strategies who do not know how extensive their infrastructure will need to be in even the short-term future. 


In a world where the majority of IT resources are devoted to day-to-day operations and companies have little scope to innovate, HPE GreenLake gives companies a new way to improve their agility, while also reducing their overhead costs.


With HPE GreenLake, you can:

  • benefit from costs on par with public cloud services, with the simple pay-as-you-go metric keeping IT spend aligned closely with business priorities, rather than running the risk of overprovisioning
  • implement solutions faster by utilising tried-and-tested architectures for the initial design, while customising the system over time with no disruption
  • harness active capacity planning to react to changing needs, with capacity levels that are adjustable in minutes rather than months
  • rely on a single partner to optimise, operate and support your complete suite of IT solutions, with advantages in terms of reliability, availability and resilience
  • maintain control over compliance, privacy, data sovereignty, latency and security, while gaining complete transparency over usage and costs for enhanced IT decision-making
  • avoid the pitfalls that come with fixed leases and predetermined payment plans, or wholly outsourced services that require you to entirely relinquish control

Why Checkmark IT?

At Checkmark IT, we expect the very best from everything we do across our company, our staff and the solutions we provide. We won’t rest until we identify a solution that solves your IT-related problem in a way that works best for you and your organisation.


Our consultants are guided by our four pillars of great service:

  • Knowledgeable staff - in Checkmark IT, you’ll have a partner that lives and breathes the world of IT. We know you’re an expert in your field, but it can still be tough to keep up with every new IT product and innovation that might make a difference for your systems; our consultants are dedicated to gaining new knowledge, techniques and accreditations to help you improve your IT solutions without needing to do the legwork yourself.
  • Friendly and honest - we pride ourselves on being informative, honest and telling you what you need to know instead of what you may like to hear. For us, the most important thing is your business getting the most from your IT systems - and that means telling you the truth.
  • Speedy and creative - we understand that sometimes solutions need to be implemented quickly, or require a particularly unorthodox approach. We are well known for getting things done and finding creative solutions that others may not consider, and we aren’t afraid to go the extra mile when needed.
  • Excellent client relationships - we have worked and grown with many of our clients over a number of years, and are now seen as their go-to experts in everything IT-related. It’s this commitment to long-term relationships that has made us a trusted source of expertise and support.

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