If you are looking for a mission-critical 100% uptime storage array and a best-in-class storage platform for security, encryption, performance, capacity and reliability, then look no further than HPE’s XP7 Storage.


With other storage solutions, manufacturers talk about 5, 6 or 7-nines availability - but with HPE XP7 Storage, there is no need to talk about 9s, because there are no 9s in 100%. XP7 offers 100% fault-tolerant extreme data availability - no outages, guaranteed. 


With in-house skills provided by HPE Master Accredited Solutions Experts (MASE), Checkmark IT is in a unique position to configure XP7 systems for your organisation - something our experts have done for decades - reducing the waiting time and avoiding the lack of flexibility that comes with relying on an HP consultant to do this for you. You will struggle to find that anywhere else. 


We are a long-established HPE Silver Partner, and can help your organisation to scope an HPE XP7 solution that meets your specific needs, and deliver it in a way that maximises the available benefits. 


For more information on how Checkmark IT can help you unlock the full power of HPE XP7, call us on (+44) 161 302 3900. Alternatively, you can leave us a message through our online contact form to request a call back from our consultants at your convenience.

What is HPE XP7?

Designed for applications requiring 100% data availability, HPE XP7 Storage uses state-of-the-art flash technology to provide ultra-high performance alongside advanced data replication tools and disaster recovery support, as well as the latest online data migration capabilities. It also delivers compression and deduplication functionality across all media types, boosting the effective capacity even further.

The 7 TB and 14 TB self-encrypting flash module devices that form the backbone of HPE XP7 are designed to deliver high-end data encryption and compression, top-level performance and extreme availability. Moreover, a single HPE XP7 concurrently supports open systems, mainframes and HPE NonStop on one unit.

Key features include:

  • resilient and constant data availability, as all active components are redundant, hot-swappable, and can be upgraded online
  • support for HPE XP7 High Availability Software, which enables continuous access to HPE XP7 data even in the case of a complete data centre failure
  • a virtual storage layer for hosts that allows one side of an application cluster to be taken offline, while the other side continues to access storage data
  • HPE XP7 Online Data Migration Software, which enables near-continuous disaster recovery (DR) capabilities before, during and after array migrations
  • optional HPE XP7 Thin Provisioning Software delivers heterogeneous external storage, local and remote multi-site replication, smart tiered capacity, and compression and deduplication features - all unified by an easy-to-use task-based GUI
  • thin provisioning and smart tiers, which help to decrease stranded storage and reduce the amount of unused storage consuming power, requiring cooling and taking up space
  • the ability to consolidate multiple applications on a single HPE XP7, with different hosts running diverse operating systems. This makes it easier to manage the environment and simplify the implementation of backups and DR solutions
  • can scale to 10PB usable with versatile host connectivity 
  • can support:
    • HPE OpenVMS
    • VMware
    • HP-UX
    • IBM AIX
    • Linux
    • Mainframe
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Oracle Solaris

Why choose HPE XP7?

In the digital era, data is being created and actioned from the edge, to the Cloud. Data is
transformative when it can be refined and accessed at the right place and at the right time,
driving actionable insights into new revenue streams. However, data has gravity: it needs to
live somewhere, it needs to be managed, protected, secured and empowered. Achieving all
of this introduces new levels of complexity.

XP7 storage systems draw out actionable insights, learn and adapt, allow data to be moved where it needs to be, anticipate challenges, and self-adjust in real time. It’s a powerful approach that brings unparalleled intelligence to storage - enabling businesses to not just move ahead, but leapfrog the competition.

XP7 is Predictive (self-optimising), Cloud-ready (seamless data mobility) and Timeless (an
experience that gets better with time).

With HPE XP7, you can:

  • maintain data availability and storage uptime even in the event of a data centre disaster
  • decrease exposure to data loss, unauthorised access and modification, and protect your information at the end of its lifecycle
  • easily assimilate workloads from legacy arrays with no interruptions
  • reduce the cost and complexity of your storage infrastructure through efficient consolidated data management
  • rely on ultra-high performance and sustained extreme low response times for the most demanding application workloads, giving you the swift adaptability you need to grow your business

Why Checkmark IT?

At Checkmark IT, we demand nothing but the best from our pre-sales consultants. They will work with you to design and size a mission-critical, efficient performant array to match your business needs and aspirations. 

Our consultants have over 20 years’ experience in designing HPE XP solutions. We can
match performance requirements and capacity utilising the rich software suite to enhance your production environment, backed up with the 100% uptime made possible by HPE’s unrivalled support.

Checkmark IT has a deep knowledge of designing XP systems, from 12K, 24K, P9000 to the latest XP7 platform.

Our consultants are guided by our four pillars of great service:

  • Knowledgeable staff - keeping up with every single product and feature that can make a difference to your IT system can be tough, even when you’re an expert in your field. With Checkmark IT on hand, you’ll have a partner that lives and breathes the world of IT, with consultants on hand working to gain new knowledge, techniques and accreditations that can deliver the efficiency improvements you’re seeking.
  • Friendly and honest - at Checkmark IT, we pride ourselves on always telling you the truth. For us, the most important thing is your business getting the most from your IT systems, which is why we strive to be informative, honest and to tell you what you need to know, instead of what we think you may like to hear.
  • Speedy and creative - we aren’t afraid to go the extra mile when tackling projects on behalf of our clients. We understand that solutions may sometimes need to be implemented quickly, or that a particularly unorthodox approach may be required. In these cases, we get things done and find creative solutions that others may not consider.
  • Excellent client relationships - our longstanding relationships with our clients allow us to operate as their go-to expert in everything IT-related, with customers coming to rely on our expertise and support as we work and grow together over many years.

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