What is Primera Storage?

Primera is an Enterprise Class AI driven Flash storage array that has been design to take advantage of the latest Disk and memory Technologies, It leverages the predictive analytics of InfoSite . to identify and solve storage issues before they arise.

The technology is designed to provide an On-demand experience for instant access to data and delivered as a service. Providing App-aware resiliency, built from a resilient design center with global intelligence to predict/prevent disruptions. This is coupled with Predictive acceleration to safely consolidate every mission critical app on the same platform with extreme low-latency performance.

Why Primera Storage?

Eliminates the need for 1st and 2nd line Support - Global intelligence. Natively integrated with HPE InfoSight in the cloud and now in the array too.  HPE have taken the most advanced AI for infrastructure and embedded it inside HPE Primera to provide the industry's only end-2-end AI pipeline for self-managing storage. 

Comprehensive performance and resilience-All-active architecture – HPE Primera has a massively parallel architecture optimized for NVMe and Storage Class Memory. Data simultaneously accesses all resources in the system and can instantly failover for extreme low-latency performance at scale and higher resiliency. This will provide users of Primera unparalleled performance ensuring that they meet their business critical applications SLA’s  and future proofing there investment with the latest technologies.

Reduces risk and increases uptime - Primera is supported by 100% uptime guarantee across the entire Primera range. This gives you the peace of mind that your data will be available and accessible al the time as we can confidently state there is no 9’s in 100%

HPE Primera is based on a services-centric OS where every data service can be deployed, upgraded, and restarted independent of each other. This completely de-risks upgrades by allowing customers to upgrade only specific services – and for the most part allows customer to upgrade every service without a need to reboot nodes.This is completely unique in the high-end storage

Increase ROI reduce Costs - HPE Primera comes with Timeless storage Guarantee. This allow the customer every 3 years to have a non-disruptive Tech refresh with out losing their investment in media, at no extra cost allowing customers to sweat their assets longer without losing out on performance and innovation.

Data protection and Security - Primera uses Self encrypted Disks as standard in all models with no additional licensing need. Primera comes as standard with application consistent snapshots and replication for increase recovery time and business continuity.


Primera FAQ

How does Timeless storage guarantee work?

The customer Subscribes to HPE Technology refresh service in 3-year increments which is co-terminus with their underlying care pack customers must have proactive care, Proactive care Advanced or Data Centre care.

Every 3 years they will receive a non-disruptive tech refresh at no additional cost unlike other storage vendors they do not have to renew the service to get this upgrade HPE want all their customers to stay because they love the service they receive not because they are holding a upgrade hostage. 

Can you upgrade to a 4 Node System from a 2 Node?

Primera allows for Efficient Scaling from 2 to 4 nodes for performance and capacity with Data in place upgrades guaranteeing no wasted investment in current media spend , and complete transparency to all your applications