Public sector

The public sector - sometimes referred to as the government sector - is of crucial importance, providing key services for citizens including healthcare, education, security, public transportation and much more. As of December 2017, the sector employed over 5.35 million people in a broad range of professions. However, IT departments in this fast-paced sector face unique challenges and issues that we at Checkmark IT understand all too well.

With digital transformation altering the way we as a society interact and engage in everything we do, the public sector must evolve with this change too. But often organisations in this sector find themselves struggling to keep pace with the rapid change brought about by digital transformation, as well as the changing demands of the public, and IT departments are faced with issues with a lack of business agility, antiquated IT systems and budgets being dedicated to operations and maintenance rather than incremental advancements and improvements.

Checkmark IT helps organisations in the public sector identify, source and implement effective IT infrastructure solutions that leverage equipment and technologies from the leading vendors of servers, storage, networking, software and IT solutions.

Our organisation also offers consultative services, designed to supplement your expertise and help you extract the very best out of your existing IT setup.

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The challenges facing the public sector

Checkmark IT works with a range of organisations in the public sector, and we know from our experience that IT departments in this sector face unique challenges that we can help address. 

Digital transformation, embedded technology, digitally disruptive experiences and significantly increased levels of human-machine interaction at all levels of society has changed the expectations of citizens that rely on critical services delivered by public sector functions. However, the public are just one set of stakeholders that public sector IT departments need to cater to. Beyond that, organisations also need to ensure local authorities, government departments and businesses have access to the data and services they require. 

However, IT departments in this sector are often typically obstructed by a range of issues - the biggest of which is often a reliance on an outdated, legacy infrastructure that lacks the operational effectiveness, provision of shared services and security enhancements required to meet expectations. 

Restrictive budgets can also be a significant challenge for those we work with in this sector. Despite increased scrutiny of budgets, IT is still considered by government departments to be a key vehicle for innovation. However, the majority of many IT departments we work with find a large proportion of their budget is allocated to operations and maintenance (O&M), meaning an innovative and fit-for-purpose IT environment that could include hybrid IT, composable infrastructure, hyperconvergence, multi-cloud, and so on, is difficult to employ. 

This leads to a lack of flexibility and agility among the teams we often work with, who also struggle to break out of a siloed approach to IT. We know it can be a problem among public sector organisations where one team uses a particular tool or solution and even fail to share the same priorities or goals, leading to inefficient deployments of applications, processes and solutions.  

We have a deep understanding of the typical challenges facing IT departments in the public sector, and will act as a partner as, together, we ensure your IT infrastructure can meet the demands of the citizens, and other stakeholders, you serve for many years to come. 

Just some challenges we can help you address include:

  • Cost management
  • Scalability
  • Optimising legacy systems 
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Security
  • Collaboration

How do we help public sector organisations? 

Checkmark IT helps organisations in the public sector improve the effectiveness and potential of their IT infrastructure, with our consultants sourcing technologies, techniques and equipment from some of the leading vendors of IT hardware and software.

We can also help you identify and select solutions that will help your organisation adopt a more agile approach. Composable infrastructure is just one of the many IT solutions we have expertise in, and, leveraging our expertise, we will introduce you to other technology, features and products you may not be aware of - ultimately helping your IT department run more efficiently and effectively.

Our consultants act as an extension of your IT department, offering a second opinion on IT solutions, always acting in your best interests, and demanding your complete satisfaction.

Public sector organisations we can help

At Checkmark IT, we understand the public sector is made up of different types of organisations, serving a range of purposes. Our consultants have expertise helping these types of organisations:

  • Civil service
  • Education
  • Emergency services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Local authorities
  • Public transportation
  • Social services

If your type of organisation does not appear on this list, we are certain we’ll still be able to help. Contact us now to find out how.

Why Checkmark IT?

We’ve established ourselves as an organisation that demands the very best from itself, our staff and the solutions we provide. We won’t rest until we identify a solution that solves your IT related problem, in a way that works for you and your organisation. Our consultants are guided by our four pillars of great service:

  • Knowledgeable staff - we know you’re an expert in your field, but it is tough to keep up with every single product and feature that can make a difference to your IT system. With Checkmark IT on hand, you’ll have a partner that lives and breathes the world of IT, with consultants dedicated to gaining new knowledge, techniques and accreditations to improve the efficiency of your IT solutions
  • Friendly and honest - when you speak to us at Checkmark IT, we’ll always tell you the truth. We pride ourselves on being informative, honest and telling you what you need to know instead of what you may like to hear, because for us the most important thing is your business getting the most from your IT systems.
  • Speedy and creative - when tackling projects on behalf of our clients, we aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. We understand that sometimes solutions need to be implemented quickly or need a particularly unorthodox approach. We are well known for getting things done and finding creative solutions that others may not consider. 
  • Excellent client relationships - we have long-standing relationships with our clients, who have continued to work and grow with us over many years. Our clients come to consider us as their go-to expert in everything IT related and value our expertise and support.

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