Checkmark IT is your trusted partner for hospitality technology. We have over 20 years of practical experience delivering services, infrastructure, and consulting to the hospitality sector. We are here to advise, consult, and deliver on infrastructure and services that support emerging trends and transitions in the hotel landscape.

In the past, IT supported hospitality operations, but today, IT drives guest experiences and delivers positive outcomes in a highly competitive and fast-moving sector. Guests are looking for a customized experience tailored to their preferences, and AI technology and Big Data enable hotels to meet these demands behind the scenes and deliver a laser-focused service to individual guests, ensuring their return and recommendation of the brand.

We can expect hospitality technology to build on automation and orchestration for both guests and associates. The key focus areas for these standard operating procedures (SOPs) will most likely be:

• Increasing guest comfort and access levels

• Optimizing services across the business for both guests and associates

• Automating, orchestrating, and improving hotel guest and staff workflow

• Improving marketing and brand management

• Delivering reliable, scalable, and ‘always-on’ services and tools to the business and guest operations

• Having a solid Business Continuity Strategy and Plan in place for all properties

• Having a zero-trust cybersecurity technology in place to protect the operations and brand reputation

Hotels deal with and store a vast amount of personal guest data, which is valuable to hackers and makes hotels a popular target for cybercriminals. Guests using your Internet can also be targets of social engineering and phishing schemes that can give hackers access to your network.

Cybersecurity is therefore a top priority. We can help you establish security protocols, perform regular checks, and develop response plans for cyberattacks.

We collaborate with hotels to design and deliver contactless check-in and check-out technologies. We have successfully developed self-check-in and check-out technologies for a Global chain and we continue to improve the solution by taking advantage of new technologies, tools, and advanced on-board intelligence.

Our intelligent rooms leverage automation for request management to significantly reduce the time to complete requests, improve guest communication, and bring more transparency across departments. It can increase hotel revenues simply by managing more requests in less time and offering upsell without additional effort.

We also help hotels embrace digital transformation, where guests can utilize mobile and handheld technologies to request services, find local attractions, and communicate with hotel staff. We help hotels transition to cloud-based systems, which offer flexibility and efficiency that traditional systems cannot. With cloud technology, your hotel can quickly introduce new technologies into its operation to keep up with the competition.