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CloudPhysics is one of the market's fastest-growing IT intelligence platforms, designed to enable data-driven collaborations. The Collaborative Platform ensures customers succeed in their adoption of products and services for next-generation IT infrastructure. Combining an agile SaaS platform with a global partner network, CloudPhysics helps customers leverage expert resources to plan and execute their data center modernization strategy including public, private, and hybrid cloud migration through analytical assessments and simulations. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, CloudPhysics serves thousands of users worldwide across major industries and supports a growing partner network.

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Why should you install and assess this unique analytic suite in your datacentre


Utilizing the powerful analytic tool CloudPhysics, HPE and Checkmark can offer the opportunity to get data-driven, actionable insights on your infrastructure all delivered through detailed analysis and reports. This allows you to identify operational hazards that pose risk to your infrastructure and gives visibility of potential immediate cost savings.

FREE short term live trail access can be granted at the discression of HPE & Checkmark


Here are some of the areas you can analyze in your datacentres

  • CPU usage and performance

  • VM state, utilization and sizing
  • Test and simulate new policies and configurations before deciding to apply, particularly in mission 
  • critical areas of the business
  • Firmware and OS versions
  • What applications may be suitable for cloud transition and cost comparisons of those applications versus public cloud and on-prem

CloudPhysics addresses the triumvirate of security;

  • Data sovereignty
  • Data security 
  • Physical security
  • These are just some of the data and analytics it will gather regarding your datacenter, compute, storage, switching and virtualization in your VMware estate 

Service Delivery Details 

The Hybrid IT Assessment requires the installation of a lightweight data collector (vApp) in your environment, which is easy to do and takes only about 15 minutes of your VMware admin’s time.
Once scheduled, the assessment typically takes 5 business days to complete


What You Get

  • You get a custom analysis of your VMware infrastructure across your data center(s). This will enable you to Identify potential immediate cost savings through increased space efficiency (elimination of needless snapshots and VMs, greater VM density, etc.)
  • The report will also look at Hybrid-Cloud sizing and resource recommendations for increased ROI The tool examines all datastores, spanning multiple Centers, to identify and eliminate risks of capacity-induced disruption.
  • You end up with a detailed inventory of your entire population of VMs, servers, and PCI devices, highlighting assets that are obsolete and/or need updating, which will give visibility of your hardware refresh options and quantify your minimum hyper-converged infrastructure size and performance requirements.
  • The reports also look at configuration and status of key components of your VMware environment, including NTP servers and client and benchmarking key parameters against the CloudPhysics community, VMware best practices, and the global Knowledge Base

The Heritage and Pedigree of CloudPhysics


To say the company has its roots in VMware probably doesn’t go far enough. The CEO, John Blumenthal, describes himself as “a storage geek” who began thinking about what would become CloudPhysics when he was working for VMware. Other VMware veterans include CTO Irfan Ahmad, VP of engineering Balaji Parimi and VP of marketing Melinda Wilken, as well as Carl Waldspurger, the inventor of DRS, who acts as a consultant.

CloudPhysics is the first IT Collaborative Intelligence platform, using shared information to create true collaborative partnerships that transform data center decision making

FREE short term live trail access can be granted at the discression of HPE & Checkmark

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